• Ellys Mithmyrril

    Ellys Mithmyrril

    A promising young cleric, Ellys is a High Moon elf in his mid to late 200s (24-28), blessed by Mystra and keen on adventure.
  • Ysalva


    Desiring to obtain more knowledge about her own magic and the magic in the world around her, she seeks constant progression forward
  • Albion Mordane

    Albion Mordane

    Interim ruler of Iron Stone. Younger brother of LaPenn Mordane.
  • Blackwood


    Human city. Only a several miles above and away from Iron Stone.
  • Charles


    A handsome and talkative man held captive in the Drow work camp.
  • Dah'rillian Chromscale

    Dah'rillian Chromscale

    A fledgling sorcerer with the blood of a vile black dragon. Brother to Ja'Ree.
  • Dayrius Mossrock

    Dayrius Mossrock

    A slightly racist, mild tempered Dwarf miner who can definitely swing a hammer.
  • Ehmma Whisperwind

    Ehmma Whisperwind

    A young, forty-year-old, Elf. Rescued by the party during their daring escape from the Drow prison.
  • Grolagh


    Orc, ally, and fellow escapee from the work camp.
  • Illyana


    A cruel and powerful Drow sorceress who presides over a prison labor camp near a mysterious excavation in the Underdark.
  • Iron Stone

    Iron Stone

    A Dwarf city on the edge of the Underdark.
  • Ja'Ree Chromscale

    Ja'Ree Chromscale

    A fledgling sorcerer with the blood of a mighty red dragon. Brother of Dah'rillian.
  • LaPenn Mordane

    LaPenn Mordane

    The Lord of Blackwood. Older brother of Albion Mordane.
  • Marcus LeBlanc

    Marcus LeBlanc

    A carriage driver from the city of Windfall in the northeast territories.
  • Qui'met Broh'kin

    Qui'met Broh'kin

    An abused and hobbled Drow who helped the party escape their prison.