Ellys Mithmyrril

A promising young cleric, Ellys is a High Moon elf in his mid to late 200s (24-28), blessed by Mystra and keen on adventure.



Ellys was born to Tornviir and Wystrien Mithmyrril, lord and lady to the elven city of Raendelwyn. An only child, Ellys was doted on by his parents and exposed to many different aspects of his culture. Ellys was a good student, especially in his learnings of magic. He always had his head in spell books and would practice his spells in his parent’s garden. An aptitude for magic is common among elves, so there was nothing particularly odd about Ellys’ interest in magic. With his interest in magic came a longing to see the outside world. Though not frowned upon by his family, the idea of leaving home was not something expected. Ellys’ interest in the outside world quietly frustrated him, as he only continued to learn about other races and cultures through reading and studying.

As a teenager (16-17 in human years), Ellys began assisting his parents in matters of council and government. Though intelligent and a seemingly “good fit” to take on his father’s role, Ellys still kept his focus in magic. He felt a lack of guidance, however, as he had outgrown his instructor’s own ideas and uses of magic. He also found solace and joy in helping the people of Raendelwyn and was thought highly of by everyone who met/knew him.

One day, a necromancer under the guise of an ambassador, came to Raendelwyn to provide “council” to the nobles of the city. Once in the presence of the full court, the necromancer unleashed a wave of evil magic. The royal guard was pitted against a small army of undead, and the necromancer attempted to take the life of Tornviir and Wystrien. The young Ellys defended his parents and the other nobles, swearing outright that the necromancer’s evil would not extend to the people of his city. In an amazing display, Ellys fought off and destroyed the necromancer and his undead with an almost unearthly magic, astounding everyone around him. Even Ellys himself was caught off guard by his abilities. It was as though he had tapped into a pool of magic he never knew of.

Nights later, when reading in his parents’ garden, Ellys heard a voice. The voice was soft yet commanding, and Ellys walked to the edge of the garden. Suddenly bathed in light, Ellys stood in awe as an elven woman appeared before him. Introducing herself as Mystra, goddess of knowledge and magic, Ellys listened as she relayed to him her interest in his magic abilities. The necromancer who had attacked the royal court was in fact being pursued by one of Mystra’s followers. The follower met his unfortunate end at the hands of the necromancer, and Mystra had feared that his power would only progress. She was very impressed with Ellys’ abilities, and thanked him for what he had done. She offered Ellys a gift—the gift to further his abilities and become a completely different type of magic user. Mystra offered Ellys the ability to use her divine power to amplify his own magic, but at a price. Mystra was in need of a Cleric, a divine magic user that was willing to use his or her abilities in the name of a deity. Ellys was unsure, and Mystra gave him time to go over her offer.

Eventually coming to the conclusion that becoming a cleric would help him not only aide others but allow him to explore the world, Ellys came to his parents with his decision. Though slightly adverse to the idea, they supported his decision. They hoped for Ellys to return home when he could, and perhaps one day take his father’s place. Ellys expressed his gratitude and love to his parents, promising that he would not forget and abandon where he came from.


Ellys is affable and, generally, mellow. A clever and curious elf, adventuring is where his head is. He enjoys helping others and is not in any way elitist or judgmental, even when it comes to dwarves. He has an affinity for humans and enjoys being among others who aren’t of the same race, as he takes pleasure in immersing himself and learning new things. He enjoys a good meal and will even spend more time than necessary at a town or city’s inn, just to insert himself in the ways and livings of common-folk. This can be problematic at times, as he is greatly distracted by such things, particularly humans. His distractions could be mistaken as apathy for the task at hand by those who do not know him, but Ellys will always follow through on a quest or promise. His indulgence in the pleasures of life doesn’t teeter on the edge of gluttony, though a more narrow-minded cleric could think so.

Ellys is good-natured and patient, despite his goddess often desiring for things to be done in a timely and pragmatic manner. This has proved to be a frustration among his fellow members of the temple as he uses his powers and skills all in the name and under the teaching of their god. He is sort of an odd elf out; an optimistic and humoring cleric in the face of much more phlegmatic and stern persons. Still, it is difficult for others to criticize him too harshly as he has honed great skill and done well in the eyes of his goddess. Ellys has a unique connection to his goddess because of how he ended up in her service, but he is not keen on boasting of the powers and wisdoms of his faith. He would sooner keep his silence than argue over the greatness of his god to others, as they are perhaps inclined to find holy persons badgering or unpleasant. Ellys can seem odd, as he often agrees that men and women of the cloth are not worth listening to.

Ellys’ friends are Marlow Baudry, an energetic human knight, and Plebus Paybody, an undead sorcerer. He also has a lover, Evangeline, an animated human barmaid that lives in a city he frequents. His friends and love interest often put him at odds with members of his faith, and can sometimes threaten his legitimacy as a cleric. He refuses to give up his friends and his lover, as he sees earthly relationships and his holy work as tantamount to each other.

Ellys Mithmyrril

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